ShaveMate - The All In One Shaver With Six Shaving Razor Blades

ShaveMate® is an extraordinary shaver that men or women can use. It is quite exceptional when compared to other shavers because it is the only six blade all in one razor which has real shaving cream inside the handle. You don't need to buy cans of shaving cream again. There are two kinds of shavers, The Titan 6 for men and the Diva 6 for women. This shaver has six superior coated inline blades and it has several ingenious features which helps you get that flawless shave: The flex neck technology that makes shaving effortless; Aqua Flow Blade Rinse that keeps the blades clean; Moisture Glide Strip for the needed comfort. With these features, you are assured that you have the best shaver that can give you complete satisfaction. With Shave Mate you will have the perfect performance, convenience and comfort in one shaver. It makes shaving effortless and you don't need an electric shaver. The Diva 6 for women is very slim. This is excellent for shaving bikini lines and underarms. ShaveMate is the ideal shaving razor you can use at home, in the gym, out of town trips and when you are spending a vacation with your family. You will always have a cool shave when using ShaveMate. Use the links below to find the best deal on ShaveMate®.
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