EZ Moves - The Mover Sliders that Makes It So Easy to Start Moving Furniture

EZ Moves® are furniture slides that make it so easy for anyone to move furniture no matter how heavy they are. It is so fantastic to use because it allows you to keep on moving objects wherever you want to. The great thing about these mover tools is that they can be used in different kinds of floor surfaces. It is so easy to accomplish, just simply tilt the furniture or object that is to be moved, place the slide under each corner and then you can pull or push the object with tremendous ease. The sliders grip on immediately to the furniture by using it's one half thick EVA foam. It has very smooth bases with built in dual spring action that gives it upward pressure and this keeps the pads steadily in place while you are moving the furniture. It 's marvelous and extremely strong base makes moving very easy on most surfaces and even on thick, dense carpets. These sliders were specifically created to be placed permanently on heavy furniture. It is kept in its place because of the weight of the objects that you are moving. These incredibly strong sliders come in black, white and beige colors. These colors do work well with the color schemes of your furnishings. Use the links below to find the best deal on EZ Moves®.
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