Magic Jack - Phone Through Your PC! Review the MagicJack Internet Telephone Service.

Are you tired of rising phone costs? Do long distance calls to your family, friends, or business associates add up to one huge monthly phone bill? Now you can make all the calls you want to anywhere in the United States and Canada - absolutely free - with magicJack™. Eliminate your long distance phone charges with Magic Jack, amazing new device that bridges your computer with any telephone in hour home - corded, cordless, wireless, multi-line - and gives you unlimited phone calls free! Magic Jack is as easy as 1-2-3 - simply plug the device into any USB port on your computer, connect it to your phone base, and you're set! You'll get your very own phone number that will never change, even if you move. With magicJack, you're not tied to your PC . It works just like your free email accounts - by harnessing the power of your high-speed Internet connection! Just look at this review from the L.A. Times: "If email is free on the Internet, why not phone calls?" Now they are - with Magic Jack. You don't have to drop your existing telephone service to take advantage of Magic Jack's powerful capabilities...Magick Jack can be your second line! It has better reception than your cell phone, and includes today's major technology features such as call waiting, caller ID, and Voice Mail - and there are no finance fees or contracts to sign ever. Magic Jack is perfect for speaking with your loved ones across the nation, away at college, military personnel, grandparents, teenagers, businesses - anyone that would benefit from a second phone line that offers free calls across the U.S. and Canada! Have friends and family in a foreign country? Send them Magic Jack and they can make calls to the U.S. and Canada - absolutely free. This is the same MagicJack seen on the TV commercial/infomercial with Mel Arthur and Bob Losure. Magic Jack has received excellent reviews including PC Magazine's prestigious Editor's Choice Award. That's because you can save close to $1,000 every year with Magic Jack - it really works! Don't delay - stop counting minutes and start enjoying you phone conversations with free phone calls from Magic Jack. Use the links below to find the best deal on magicJack™.
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