Sport-Elec Shape N Tone - Electrostimulation Abdominal Toner Ab Belt Uses Electric Toning to Work Your Abs. Risk-Free Trial!

Get on the fast track to sexy, shapely six-pack abs without ever having to run a step with the Sport-Elec® Shape N Tone®, the ab toner belt that does the work for you while you do anything else. If you want great abs but don't have time to work out, you need the powerful SportElec ShapeNTone. It's quick and easy to use, and you'll see results in as little as two weeks - simply strap the Sport-Elec Shape N Tone on and it goes to work for you - it's toning while you're in the office, cooking, reading a book, taking a walk and more. The secret to the Sport-Elec Shape N Tone system is in electrostimulation technology - the electric toning belt stimulates your abdominal muscles so your abs are toner, stronger, and sexier. You don't have to do any exercises or take time out of your busy day to do anything other than strap the SportElec Shape N Tone on. It's that easy. You'll never have to worry, either, because the electrostimulation technology used in the Sport-Elec Shape N Tone ab muscle belt is FDA-cleared so it's 100% safe. With your Sport-Elec ShapeNTone, you'll also get the Shape N Tone Eating Plan, your guide to weight loss success, absolutely free. You'll also get a free 14-day supply of the Shape N Tone nutritional supplement for whole body health and the amazing Move It To Lose It walking CD - you don't need to exercise with the Sport-Elec Shape N Tone, but you can speed things up just in time for that wedding, class reunion or other big event with this CD. Rock hard washboard abs are just weeks away. Use the links below to find the best offer on Sport-Elec® Shape N Tone®.
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