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Want to work for yourself but don't trust the cheesy 'work from home' opportunities? Start a real home business with real wholesale products and merchandise from SMC® (Specialty Merchandise Corporation). SMC has been helping hundreds of people drop the bump and grind, set their own hours and work schedule and free up family time for over half a century - with astounding results. "This past year I did $250,000 in sales," says long-time SMC reseller Richard Pfaff. Like many others, Richard had no sales experience when he came to SMC - and you don't need any either! You can start part-time or full-time, any time. The key to success is that SMC backs its members with a powerful world of products - all together in a huge 600,000 square foot, 28-acre warehouse. SMC sells merchandise to its members at a true wholesale discount - no middlemen to steal your profit away - so you can earn up to a 300% profit on everything you sell. Even better, Specialty Merchandise Corporation products sell themselves because they're items every day people need - every day. As seen on and, all you have to do is hand out the catalogs and watch the orders roll in! So is SMC a scam or does SMC really work? Review this testimonial opinion from Mario Sanchez, who now owns 3 stores selling Specialty Merchandise Corp. products: "I was working as a waiter like 5, 6 years ago. I saw an infomercial of SMC...I went to a swap meet and started with a little table...In one day I sold over $1000." Forget about using middlemen as your product distributor. SMC (Specialty Merchandise Corporation) provides the most robust distributing system at real wholesale prices so you can profit big and live the care free lifestyle you've always wanted. TV infomercial host Tom Bosley says SMC is the best opportunity for home business out there. SMC puts the purchasing power and resources of a huge company to work for you. Never be bossed around again. Decide for yourself what hours of the day are work time, and what hours of the day are reserved for family and recreation. Make the high-profit income you've always dreamed about and feel confident about being backed by one of the biggest names in the industry. Use the links below to find the best offer on SMC®.
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