Spotless Paw - The Glove That Cleans Your Dog’s Paws Without Adding Water

How often has your dog come into the house from outside and soiled your floor? How about when your dog jumps onto your lap and soils your clothes? With Spotless Paw™ Dog Paw Cleaning Glove you have a user friendly grooming tool that keeps your home and your clothes clean every time your pet gets into your house. All you have to do is put on your Spotless Paw glove and use it to clean your dog’s paws before they get into the house. This glove is made of soft, super-absorbent, high quality microfiber. It has six fingers so that it can be used on either the right or the left hand. Spotless Paw can be hung anywhere--on your doorknob or attached to your pants. You can keep a spare one handy for your car so that it is available every time you take your dog for a drive. You’ll be surprised at the special absorbent qualities of Spotless Paw. It can be used over and over again several times before you clean it. Also, it can be safely cleaned in your washing and drying machine. Now you can take your dog anywhere and easily clean your dog’s paws. Spotless Paws will do the job perfectly without using any water. Your hands are protected, and it works on all types of dogs, large and small. Spotless Paw can also be used to reduce shedding. Use the links below to find the best offer of Spotless Paw™.
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