The Bible Experience - Listen to This Complete Audio CD Set with Inspired Words from the New Testament, Dramatized by a Cast of Entertainers

The Bible Experience™ is a fabulous Audio CD that has the Complete New Testament of the Bible which was creatively dramatized by a cast of four hundred entertainment superstars. These are words that will surely bring back to life God's word and make it sound so real as if it was happening in your presence. These wonderfully and spiritually inspired cd was done by well known award winning actors, Grammy award winning musicians and producers. This Audio inspired CD will surely be so useful with your daily walk with God. It will not only inspire you but it will personally enhance your love for God. You will hear the exceptional performances of great African-American entertainers like: Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Blair Underwood, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Shirley Franklin and many others who have graciously extended their services to make this unique dramatized Audio CD of the New Testament a complete success. All these black superstars were greatly motivated to do this project so that they can all help in spreading the word of God and create a great spiritual revival in other people's lives. They were properly guided by leading Hollywood producers. They performed with a lot of intensity and passion. These entertainers were ably assisted by Grammy award winning producers and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Use the links below to find the best offer on The Bible Experience™.
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