The Wave - Tone Muscles in Your Entire Body with this Balance Board Workout System by The Firm

Who would have thought something that looks so fun and easy would actually be a great cardio workout system that can truly change the way you feel about exercise. The Wave™, made by The Firm Company can help you get and maintain those sculpted abs, buns and thighs in no time. The balance board rocks back and forth with the perfect amount of resistance which requires you to utilize specific core muscle groups to stay balanced. In the process you are 'secretly' firming and toning those hard to reach groups of muscles throughout your body. Not only can the wave be used as a rocking exercise system, it can also be used as a stability trainer and stretching device! As seen on, it is versatile enough to be stood upon, sat on or for an intense and revolutionary arm workout. Not only is the wave fun, it is a revolutionary piece of equipment that is easy to store, inexpensive and works for every person regardless of their physical ability and strength. Use the links below to find the best offer of The Wave™ by The Firm
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