The Total Core - Reviews Prove this Ab Machine is the Easiest Way to a Lean Body

Get the lean, mean, sexy machine of a body you've always wanted with The Total Core™, the ab machine that will give you noticeable results in just 10 days – and it just takes minutes a day. Total Core is the easiest and most powerful ab machine you've ever used – and you'll agree when you have a tighter, toned tummy; stronger, shapelier back; and slimmer, sexier waist in just 10 days. You might have tried other ab machines before, with no results. That's not your fault – other core-slimming and strengthening programs put a lot of unhealthy strain on your neck and back. But getting slim, trim and sexy shouldn't hurt. Total Core is different. All you have to do is sit down on the padded cushion and rest back against the padded rollers that support your neck and back throughout the entire motion. Lean back and the strong-yet-lightweight steel frame takes you back and forth through your abdominal crunches pain-free. As seen on, Total Core is twice as fast because your abs are engaged at the onset of exercise and your obliques are worked throughout the entire motion. And TotalCore gives you a 360-degree workout – this ab machine will tone your entire core because its rolling silicone wheels and power cables lend resistance and stability on the way back. Your backside never looked better. Just listen to the Total Core reviews: “With Total Core I've been able to lose 23 pounds, 20 inches around my entire body, with 8 inches around my midsection alone,” says Anita Otana. Total Core is super-easy to use and gives you real, noticeable results in just 10 days. Between uses, TotalCore conveniently folds away for storage in a closet or under your bed. Use the links below to find the best offer on The Total Core™.
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