Transform 12 - With Just 12 Minutes A Day Doing 12 Exercises, You Can Transform Your Whole Body Using This Machine

Here’s a workout that is ideal for people who are not as much into exercise as others would be. The Transform 12™ exercise machine will tone and sculpt your whole body, and all it takes is just 12 minutes a day. This is a home gym machine that features 12 different exercises that will enable you to slim down fast. Transform12 is ideal for beginners who want to give working out a try. But even intermediate and advanced level exercise buffs will enjoy this machine, as it has settings to choose the workout level of your preference. Resistance weights in the Transform 12 machine are color coded. This machine can also adjust to fit any body size, and you can easily switch positions as you move from one exercise to the next. So try it now, and shed the fat and get long, lean muscles instead. The entire Transform12 kit includes the Transform 12 Machine, Transform 12 Program Guide, and two workout DVDs. The machine itself is ultra durable and is made of gym quality steel, yet is lightweight in its design. There is a 360 degree resistance dial, a comfortable padded seat and sturdy, cushioned hand grips. Now you can transform you calves, hips, hamstrings, buns, thighs, obliques, abs and lower abs. You can also sculpt your chest, biceps, triceps and back. You will indeed be transformed with Transform 12. Use the links below to find the best offer on Transform 12™.
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