Trikke - Review the Human-Powered 3-Wheeled Vehicle that's More Fun than a Bike, Scooter, or Razor. As Seen on the TV Infomercial from Trikke Tech

Get your family off the couch and drive your way to fitness with Trikke™, the new way to get around and get in great shape too. Trikke delivers pure excitement as you twist, turn and propel yourself across town, through parks and campgrounds and anywhere else you want to get there fast - and have a blast! Trike is not a bike, a razor, or a scooter; it's a revolutionary three-wheeled machine, a cambering vehicle, that moves as you rock your body side to side! You may have watched the exciting as seen on and the TV commercial/infomercial with Aaron Priceman, Lee Everett and Trikke Tech President John Simpson, but did you know that Trikke's high tech design has also received great reviews from major magazines, newspapers and network news programs? That's because Trikke is not only fun, it's a great workout, too. Trike firms your entire body but it doesn't seem like exercise. There's no pushing, pedaling or locking yourself away in musty rooms like at the gym. Best of all, there's a Trikke for every size, so you can get in shape and get quality family time all at once. Trikee is fast, too - zoom along at up to 18 miles per hour. Trikke is height adjustable and folds down easily for storage. The easy-to-maneuver Trikke comes in three sizes: Small (up to 150 lbs.), Mid (up to 200 lbs.) and Large (up to 250 lbs.), so you'll be able to find the right one for the entire family today. Use the links below to find the best deal on Trikke™
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