Urban Rebounder - Folding exercise trampoline and workout DVD is like having a complete rebounding exercise class on video

J. B. Burns, named one of the top personal exercise trainers in the country by Fitness Magazine, presents Urban Rebounder™. Urban Rebounder is a gym-quality trampoline the gets weight loss results. The Urban Rebonder trampoline has a heavy duty spring system that ensures your bouncing exercise is gentle on your joints. In the Urban Rebounding system commercial/infomercial JB Burns demonstrates this benefit by dropping an egg on the trampoline. Urban Rebounder has 6 heavy gage steel legs that form a safe and sturdy base. And the manufacturers 36 tapered springs in the Urban Rebounder ensure you have a soft bounce when you’re jumping on it, jogging on it, exercising on it, and losing weight on it. The Urban Rebounder is a folding trampoline that folds for easy storage. The Urban Rebounder comes with a stabilizing bar, carrying bag, and 3 DVD videos. The Urban Rebounding DVD videos include: 1) First Timer Video: Review the basic jump and moves that burn calories and get results. 2) Bounce and Burn: These free form techniques and aerobic moves will lose weight and inches from your waist. 3) Power Bound: Work the upper body, glutes, thighs, and abs. Like taking classes. Urban Rebounder is not sold in stores. Try the Official Urban Rebounder™ for Yourself for 3 Easy Payments of Only $33 and Get FREE Bonuses!
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