WordSmart - Vocabulary Builder Software is the Smart Way to Do Word Builing SAT Prep. As Seen on TV with Alex Trebek

Give yourself or your child the edge to succeed with WordSmart®, the best vocabulary builder on earth! WordSmart helps you learn words faster and remember them longer while teaching you to use the right word at the right time for maximum effectiveness. Best of all, WordSmart does all this with just two or three 20-minute sessions a week. Parents review WordSmart as one of the best interactive experiences a child can have. Not only is it a great learning tool that kids can do on their own, the imaginative software behaves like a fast-paced computer game so it's fun too! Kids leapfrog letter grades with WordSmart and it's a perfect SAT and ACT prep - it's like having your free at-home tutor! Building vocabulary through textbooks and even illustrated manuals is difficult - but WordSmart makes it easy. In fact, WordSmart kids learn new words 10 to 100 times faster. WordSmart vocabulary builder is also great for adults who want to comprehend more and boost confidence. Having a better vocabulary doesn't just make you smarter - it increases your communication skills and often results in a higher salary. The secret to success is in the Word Smart multi-sensory five-level system, which applies reinforced learning through an easy and interactive interface that forces you to learn while having fun. With traditional learning methods you have to see a word 20 to 50 times to learn it. With WordSmart, it only takes one to five views and you'll know it forever. WordSmart comes in four learning levels: Grade School, Middle School, High School and College/Adult. You've WordSmart on the TV commercial/infomercial with host Alex Trebek of Jeopardy and WordSmart founder and researcher David Kay. So does WordSmart really work? Review this testimonial from Diane Foster, a college student whose SAT went up 400 points: "Doing WordSmart, doing that whole program, it really put me a step forward...Senior year in high school going to college, that's exactly where you want to be that one step forward." Give you or your child the gift of a strong vocabulary and begin laying the foundation for success.
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