Blendy Paints - Give Your Kids Hours of Color Fun When You Buy these Combo Paint/Markers. As Seen On TV.

Kids Love to mix and match colors creating the perfect spark and hue to bring their art projects to life. Blendy Paints™ are like paints and markers all in one and come complete with the capability to create over 276 blended and fused color creations. This means that your children's artwork will truly be one of a kind masterpieces! When you buy the Deluxe Blendy Paints Kit you get detailed instructions and all the fun extras that will have the child in your life mimicking Picasso in no time. Best of all, BlendyPaints are fun, easy to use, safe and non-toxic for children. Traditional markers and paintbrushes can be easily ruined if children try to mix colors, but Blendy Paints can be mixed with up to 4 colors at once and the original colors are always still in tact after use. The Blendy Paints are inserted into the color fusion chamber and mixed together producing a rainbow of colors. Blendy Paints are markers with the flexibility and flair of paints all in one. They are a must have for all the budding artists in your life and a priceless way to keep the little critters busy for hours! These as seen on TV toys are a great addition to every home with children. Use the links below to find the best offer of Blendy Paints™
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