Dream Lites by Pillow Pets - This Lighted Stuffed Animal Shines Stars on the Ceiling Like an Adorable Night Light

Dream Lites™ by Pillow Pets converts the ceiling of your child's bedroom into a starry and attractive night. When you turn of your child's light off in his bedroom, all he has to is turn on Dream Lites and he can enjoy the magical sky in his ceiling. This is a wonderful light system that will shine and your child will surely love it. It will give your kid that much needed restful sleep. He will wake up in the morning feeling so refreshed the next morning. Dream Lites by the makers of Pillow Pets shines for only twenty minutes and it will shut down by itself. This will give your child the much needed time to sleep and the room will become dark again. Your child can pick from wonderful and lovely creatures such as Dreamy Ladybug, Fluttery Butterfly, Jolly Giraffe, Magical Unicorn, Playful Penguin, Ms. Ladybug, Snuggly Puppy, Rainbow Unicorn, Zippity Zebra and Tardy Turtle. Your kid will surely adore any of these animals and the wonders they can create every night. It will surely relieve their fear of the dark. It's great to give as a birthday gift. The happy birthday boy or girl will surely love it. Use the links below to find the best offer on Dream Lites™.
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