Wandarama - Magic Wand Causes Objects to Float in the Air, Seemingly Defying Gravity. Fun for Kids!

Wandarama® is a magic wand that comes with 24 tinsel toys. When you turn on the wand, you can make the toy seem fly in mid-air! You can manipulate the tinsel toy to go where you want it to go. With another friend who might also have a Wandarama, you can even play tinsel toy catch! To a child, that is really fascinating because the wand does not touch the tinsel toy, but it manipulates it so that the object seems to be floating in space. The science behind Wanderama based on the same phenomenon that causes your hair sometimes stands on end sometimes. Gravity defying activity is what it is. One great trick Wanderama can perform is bending a stream of water coming out of a faucent! Wanderama is a fun, educational, and easy to use toy for children of all ages. With Wandarama, you can amaze your friends. You can have the panorama of magic. The abracadabra. You would have a Wanderama. Use the links below to find the best offer on Wandarama®.
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