Core Scupltor - Review this Deluxe Triple Resistance Exercise Machine System. Get FREE CoreScupltor Training Videos

Get on the fast track to fitness and lose two full pant sizes in just 30 days, guaranteed! Only the Core Sculptor™ can back up such an amazing claim, and it does it will with an innovative 'inside out' body core sculpting technique that takes only four minutes a day. The Core Sculptor deluxe machine uses a comfortable, sturdy exercise pad and power cord resistance to sculpt your body from the inside out. CoreSculptor is easy to use: Simply position yourself on the cord and roll the pad away from your body. The power cord resists you on the way out but assists you on the way back, so anyone can do it. Plus, the heavy duty wheels glide effortlessly across hardwood, vinyl and carpeted floors for a quick and easy workout anywhere. With the Core Sculptor, you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight and get in shape. Get a sleek, trim, sexy body with the Core 4 set of exercises: Core Glide works your upper abs; Core Glide Reverse works your lower abs; Side Glide eliminates your love handles and tones obliques; while the Core Ab Curl intensifies regular crunches and gives you the washboard stomach you've always wanted. Just listen to the reviews. "It's amazing the way Core Sculptor sculpted it all down, and hit all the spots in the abs, and the waist, and the hips," says Sonya Zamora, who lost 10 pounds and two dress sizes in just 30 days with Core Scupltor. As you sculpt your body, you can increase the resistance by adding power cords. Add double or triple resistance for a heartier workout in a snap. When you're finished, the Core Sculptor stores away quickly and neatly, so you won't have bulky and unattractive exercise equipment taking up precious floor space. The CoreSculptor is the world's number one at-home training system for a perfectly sculpted body the quick, easy and smart way. Get slim from within with Core Sculptor. The complete package includes the Core Sculptor machine, 7 workout videos (your choice of DVD or VHS), and a eating guide and recipe book. Use the links below to find the best deal on Core Sculptor™
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