EZ Jet Water Cannon - Eight Water Blasters In One Piece of Equipment

There are some times when only water blasters will do. When that time comes around, only EZ Jet Water Cannon® gets the job done in an exemplary way. This 8 in 1 EZ Jet Water Cannon can attach to any hose nozzle of any garden hose. The end result is the power of a pressure washer with the convenience of your own garden hose. Now you can have perfect pressure control with this amazing machine right at your fingertips. We said machine, NOT machines. Because the EZ Jet Water Cannon can give you the power of eight types of sprays, it is the only equipment you will need for multiple kinds of service. What other systems can work as a singular system and be powerful enough to blast pool filters clean, or can be filled with liquid fertilizer and used to treat your entire lawn? Get just the spray you need. Want a powerful pump blast to discharge the dirt and grime away from driveways and sidewalks with finesse? Use the jet or precision jet mode. Want to clean windows? Try the mist or rain function. For high windows use the angled fan or vertical fan. For your van, the horizontal fan or soaker will do. The important thing to remember is that EZ Jet Water Cannon gets the job done. Sweep patios, decks, walkways, unclog and blast rain gutters clean, or you’re your boat. EZ Jet comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Use the links below to find the best offer of EZ Jet Water Cannon®.
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