O-Cedar ProMist - Review this Convenient Spray Mop and Its Rebate Offer

O-Cedar ProMist™ is the radically new cleaning system that cleans both wet and dry floors. It has magnificent micropads that are sturdy. These enduring micropads can be washed for as much as a hundred times. It comes along with a disposable pad that can be washed or thrown aside. It is perfect to use for those floors that have spilled food or drink. As seen on www.promistrebate.com, this wonderfully created mop has a refillable bottle. It gives you benefits like the following: It makes your floors thoroughly clean every time. These fabulous reusable micropads lift and snare dirt and grime. OCedar Pro Mist saves you cash and it is eco-friendly and it is machine washable. It's so safe to use for pet owners and moms because it has a refillable bottle. With ProMist micropads, you can use any cleaning solution and it will work so well. Even just ordinary water will do. It's just terrific because it can be used in any surface like wood, stone, ceramic tiles, linoleum and laminate. This mop is relatively light and it is dependable because you can use it anytime and anywhere. You can get a five percent rebate if you download the five dollar mail-in-rebate. The review says it is ideal for cleaning any kind of floor. Use the links below to find the best deal on the O-Cedar ProMist™.
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