Garry Vacuum - Cleans in Half the Time! Get the Ultralite Upright with High Power Advanced Envion Motor

Vacuuming is quicker, more efficient, and painless with the Gary Vacuum™. Weighing in at a measly 9 pounds and change, this upright is ultralight! Give your back a break! The Ultralight's construction permits the vacuum to become recumbent. This makes deep cleaning a snap, even underneath bulky furniture. Fully loaded with easy to reach attachments, the Garry Vacuum sweeps up all areas effortlessly, including furniture fabrics, window coverings, and couches. This vacuum is easy to use due to its breakthrough construction. We positioned the cutting-edge motor at the lowest elevation possible--near to the ground--to insure better cleaning. Amplifying circulation, the Garry Vac design increases intake by 40%. Glide through the room a single time and your surface is clean! Pivoting above 6600RPMs, the quad cut brushes extricate grim while preening your carpet's fragile pile. Hypoallergenic filtration sanitizes your environment. Tiny air particles containing allergens, microorganisms, and germs can't hide. You'll never be bothered by dirt or pet dander inside the airtight, replaceable bag as you remove and toss it. The Carpet and Rug Institute bestowed upon the Garry Vacuum their seal of approval. Use this first-class vacuum and it will get your seal of approval too. Pleased customers like Crystall said, 'One sweep over the floor, and it was done.' Naomi agreed: 'The Garry definitely cut my cleaning time in half.' Use the links below to find the best offer of Gary Vacuum™.
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