Go Duster - Dust in Half the Time with Set of Motorized, Automatic GoDuster and Spray Formula.

Make dusting a breeze with Go Duster™, your all-in-one dusting solution. This patented motorized duster starts spinning with the press of a button and gently yet powerfully cleans all surfaces in your home - from coffee tables to collectible figurines. As seen on TV, Go Duster quickly and easily dusts your TV set, cabinets, shelves, tables, books, picture frames, plants and more! The secret is in the motorized head's spinning action coupled with a special Go Duster spray formula - the spray formula adheres dirty dust particles to the soft bristles, which whisk dust away from surfaces. Forget grimy streaks and dust spots with the clean, fast and fun GoDuster from Telebrands! Best of all, when you're done letting GoDuster do all the work for you, simply rinse it in the kitchen sink, give it a quick shake and you're done. You'll get two extra interchangeable heads absolutely free! The extra long head is perfect for dusting hard-to-reach places like chandeliers and corner cobwebs. The mini-head takes care of tiny crevices on computer keyboards and on your car's dash. Even better, you'll also get free Go Duster spray for life. Start dusting your entire house - blinds, grates, screens, fancy furniture woodwork and more - quickly and easily today. Use the links below to find the best deal on Go Duster™.
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