Handy Dryer - The Portable Clothes Dryer For All Your Delicates And Expensive Clothing

Oftentimes we have delicate clothing and fine items that are too refined for ironing. We lay them out to dry, and before we know it they have taken up too much space. Now there is the Handy Dryer™, the space saving solution that allows our delicates to hang dry. The Handy Dryer has powerful magnetic ends that can easily attach to your washing machine or clothes dryer. It is portable so you can attach it anywhere you wish in the house. Now your clothing that requires special care can be hung to dry on this amazing magnetic rack. You can move around easily because there is lots of extra space to dry your special clothes thanks to the Handy Dryer. Reviews have given the Handy Dryer high scores especially because of the super strong magnets that can securely hold up to four pounds of laundry. Even heavy sweaters or jeans can now be hung to dry on the Handy Dryer. The magnets will not scratch or damage the surface of your washer or dryer. Air circulates around and through your clothes so they will be dry and ready to wear before you know it. And because your clothes were hung dry, you have less ironing to do. You may think that is more than enough to make your life easier. But the Handy Dryer can also double as a convenient place to hang your clothes when you are done ironing them. Itís simple and sweet. Use the links below to find the best offer on Handy Dryer™.
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