Kaboom NeverScrub - Try this Self-Cleaning Toilet Bowl Scrub Kit and Refill Cartridge. As Seen On TV with Billy Mays.

Wish you could remove rust rings and hardwater stains from your toilet bowl without all that tedious scrubbing? Now you can with Kaboom® NeverScrub™, the revolutionary hands free toilet cleaning unit endorsed by home expert Billy Mays that uses powerful cleansing action to scrub your toilet for you - before, during, and after each and every flush. Unlike tablet toilet cleaners, Kaboom NeverScrub constantly cleans your toilet and will not damage your tank fittings. Never Scrub installs and seconds and you never have to touch the water. "If you want to avoid costly damage to your toilet, this works without damaging parts," says plumber Dave C. Plus, you can refill the Kaboom NeverScrub unit over and over without ever having to scoop leftover, chalky residue from the bottom of your toilet tank. Kaboom NeverScrub injects its powerful cleansing solution right into the toilet bowl so you don't waste cleaner on the water inside of your tank. It only cleans where you need it - under the room, around the bowl, and in the water! Best of all, Kaboom NeverScrub eradicates caked on rust and hardwater stains, and eliminates every day stains and odors for a healthy, clean-smelling bathroom. "Throw away that smelly toilet brush and switch to the powerful hands free cleaning action of Kaboom NeverScrub," says Billy Mays. Use the links below to find the best deal on Kaboom® NeverScrub™
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