Magna Color - The Amazing 3D Game With Color Dots That Seems Like A Puzzle

Magna Color™ uses a magnetic coloring studio and magnetic 3D color dots that enchantingly change 3D designs into 3D sparkling artwork. These one-of-a-kind pens give your children the opportunity to place 3D magic dots to color in the stencil. It is sort of like a puzzle but it is more interesting and mind boggling plus it is more fun, Using these incredible pens, you can now create a onetime spot or make a line of several dots by letting the pen go running around the screen. When you are finished you can just brush the dots back to the sorting system. Afterwards, you can just simply watch the 3D magic dots get back into their original colors and start again. This innovative toy craft does not create any mess while playing. The reason behind this is because all the pieces are self contained in the unit. It will allow the kids to have much fun when they start sorting the dots back into each pen. They will get more active as they swipe and shake the board to start all over again. You have to draw your designs using the dots and stick it on your 3D glasses and you will see that your artwork will jump out of the screen and it will leave you in awe. Use the links below to find the best deal on the Magna Color™.
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