Medallion Care - The Outstanding Silver Plating Liquid Solution Process For Preserving Any Metal Item

Medallion Care™ is the best silver plating solution that you can learn how to use at home. This is perfect to use when you are cleaning silverware, because you will not have to worry about any damage because it is a water based solution that contains nine hundred ninety percent silver in it. It is truly a great product, because this process can be used to clean other type of metals as well as gems and stones. This awesome silver plating liquid solution will firmly attach itself to the metal. The silver used here has the same quality that the US mint uses. With this you can be assured that you really have a high quality product. You do not need any equipment because it does not use electricity. What makes Medallion Care unique when compared to other products is that it bonds the pure silver at a molecular level. As seen on, it works using these three steps: 1) Prepare the item and take out any lacquer finish from it. If there is no lacquer, use either the jewellery dipper or the tarnish treatment. Rinse it with water and let it dry. 2) It has an applicator sponge so just place a small amount on the sponge and put in friction to the item that is to be plated. Add more silver until it is finished. Rinse and dry. 3) Place the polish solution and buff it for that shiny look. Use the links below to find the best offer on Medallion Care™.
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