Mighty Thirsty - The Super Absorbent Block That Drinks Up Eight Times Its Weight In Liquid

Spills are the enemy of every mother and housewife. There are coffee and tea spills, milk spills, and all types of liquid spills, and the sponge simply canít clean it all. Enter Mighty Thirsty™, the super absorbent vacuum block that can absorb over eight times its own weight in liquid. What is the secret? Mighty thirsty is made of specialized PVA material that is super absorbent, and when used around the house, not a drop of liquid is left behind. That is why it is called Mighty Thirsty. Whether the liquid that is spilled is your son's grape juice, dadís orange juice, babyís milk or your favorite cup of coffee, Mighty Thirsty works triple time to absorb all the liquid that has been spilled and leave your counters, floors, carpets or furniture nice and dry. Even paper towels could never do what Mighty Thirsty can. Try throwing a whole roll of paper towels on a glass of spilled tea, spilled juice and spilled coffee. Mighty Thirsty will do the job so much better and more efficiently. If you have been feeling mighty thirsty for a clean home, Mighty Thirsty, true to its name, has been eager to drink up your mess for you. So donít let the spills get you down. Clean them up. Swipe Mighty Thirsty Super Absorbent Block over the mess and let it do its magic right before your eyes. A Mighty Thirsty kit includes four Mini Mighty Thirsty blocks and four large Mighty Thirsty blocks. Use the links below to find the best offer on Mighty Thirsty™
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