Mindflex - The Fascinating Purely Mental Mind Game Toy from Mattel.

Mindflex™ is the kind of Game that every family needs because it gives you absolute entertainment and satisfaction. This is the perfect mind game for you because it does improve and boost your capabilities to concentrate. Everyone will surely wonder how does the Mindflex sensors controller works. This toy game comes with an amazing lightweight headset that has sensors for your foreheads and earlobes. It works by gauging your brainwave activity. When you are totally fixated, a little sized foam ball will surprisingly rise on a mild stream of air. When your thoughts calm down the ball will serenely descend. With this incredible toy game, both your physical and mental faculties must be in harmony. You must make sure that this ball is properly guided into a custom built obstacle course that can be changed into other different configurations. This mind game is an accelerated technology that has the power to extremely develop an interactive experience which other same type of toy games cannot do. This exciting Mind flex game begins when you strap the headsets on and this sets the tone for this brilliant game to begin. There is a magnificently designed in console that lets you keep the ball up on a cushion of air. The raising and making the ball go down lower must be done by alternating and keeping the mind calm. The reviews say Mindflex is one interesting game. Use the links below to find the best deal on Mindflex™.
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