Mint Plus - The Superior Robot Automatic Vacuum Floor Cleaner That Truly Works Wonders

Mint Plus™ is the perfect robot automatic vacuum floor cleaner that you must use for your homes. It is great to use because of its longer running time. Another outstanding feature of this robot vacuum cleaner is that it can cover large areas with one single charge. It is so fantastic because it can be used both for cleaning and mopping. Included are two kinds of cloth, one for wet and one for dry. This outstanding vacuum cleaner has buttons at the top of the device one for mopping, and the other button for sweeping. This unmatched vacuum cleaner uses the” North Star Navigation Beacon”. It is a little cube that helps the Mint by properly guiding it around the obstacles and it informs Mint Plus where it should go. Mint Plus excels, because it can detect whether it is near the stairs or ledges and it will avoid it completely. It is so useful for hard floors like hard wood, tile or linoleum. Multiple cubes can be used with this exceptional robot automatic vacuum cleaner because this becomes a plus factor when you have to deal with multiple areas. It is really outstanding because the battery life will let the sweeping last for four hours and for mopping the battery life will last for two hours. The reviews say it really performs well. Use the links below to find the best deal on Mint Plus™.
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