Mitch's Green Flush - Save Water And Money With This Valve That Controls Your Water Level With Each Flush

Mitch's Green Flush™ allows you to save on two valuable resources: Water and your money. Most of the water in a household is literally flushed down the toilet--up to three gallons with each flush, several times a day. Now, imagine a full family of five members and try to guess how many times the toilet is flushed daily. Too much water is uselessly gone, every single day. More to the point, down goes the water level, and up goes your water bill with every push of the handle. Now just imagine what you would save if the water valve goes down with each flush at just 1/3 of that. With Mitch's Green Flush you can accumulate a great saving on both of these important resources, finishing each flush with just one gallon of water each time. It would be wrong to presume that just one gallon of water will not flush your mess completely. A demo showed how a bowl of oatmeal, bananas and tissue were flushed thoroughly with just one gallon of water through the use of Mitch's Green Flush. This item works when the valve of your toilet shuts after the water level has just reached one gallon with a push on the handle. With Mitch's Green Flush, you save on both mankind's most important resource-water--and your own financial resources, too. Use the links below to find the best offer on Mitch's Green Flush™
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