My Best Fish Friend - Your Child Can Grow and Raise Their Own Real Pet Fish

Fish Friend™ has several great features that kids will like: Itís very easy to do. Kids will have hours of fun. They have to prepare to meet their new Best Fish Friend Pet. Good for ages three and up. No need for air pumps or heaters. Grow and raise your own real fish. This kit is quite scientific and is a good educational gift for children. By following simple instructions, kids can get to breed their own little fish pets and types at their own convenient time. By using high technology biological science, rare fish eggs are contained with special ď My Best Friend Fish ď bags that can be hatched easily and their growth can be closely monitored. Children can grow their own My Best Fish Friend Pet and whatever type of small fish plus really enjoy the whole process. The hatching, raising and growing of their type of fish can happen in just twenty four hours. Itís easy and fun. Place the My Best Friend Miracle Pound in water and the live fish will hatch within 1 day. Within two to three months they will grow to full sizes as long as they are properly cared. These fishes come from South Africa and South America. One My BFF Miracle pouch can grow eight or more fishes. Use the links below to find the best offer on My Best Fish Friend™.
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