One Touch Steam Tornado - The Velocity Of A Jet, The Super Heated Powerful Steam Equals CLEAN

One Touch Steam Tornado™ empowers you in cleaning. Imagine the sheer force of a tornado. Now imagine that force directed and muted to totally obliterate house dirt. The One touch Steam Tornado frees you of messy mops, buckets, chemicals, single tasked vacuum cleaners, and the like. Instead, you get the multi tasked tornado empowered Steam Tornado from One Touch. This is the world's first two-in-one steam cleaner that easily gets sticky spills from the tile floor. Then you click and release the steamer component and vroom, you can clean your kitchen and bathroom countertops without chemicals. Let me not even have to say how amazing this is. The steam tornado combines jet spray velocity with the super heated power of steam to super clean your surfaces twice as fast as you ever did before. With this amazing One Touch Steam Tornado, now you can even sanitize your toddler's play areas and then click and clean high chairs where he eats without worrying about using chemicals. Even the muddy foot prints that children like to leave on the kitchen floor are cleaned like magic. Regular floor cleaners use steam right through the pad. Wrong decision. Instead, the Steam Tornado works from the front to release its powerful steam loosen the dirt. Then the super absorbent pad rolls right over the steamed area to lift the dirt as it passes over. Stay clean. Use steam. Use the links below to find the best deal on One Touch Steam Tornado™.
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