Pet Vac Grooming - Brush and Groom the Hair on Your Dog or Cat with the Mobile Express PetVac Vacuum Attachment.

Love your pets but hate the hair? You need Pet Vac™ Grooming system, the express grooming vacuum you can use to brush and groom your dog or cat to eliminate excess hair in a flash no more hair on your clothes, on your furniture or on your floor again. One rave review after another praises Pet Vac Grooming for being able to quickly and easily groom your pet and get rid of all that extra hair in a safe and non-disturbing manner with no mess whatsoever. Simply use the flexible grooming brush and professional de-shedding tools attached to an extra long hose to make your pet beautiful and shed-free. The hose is so long that you can place the vacuum in another room so your pet doesn't see it and doesn't hear it they won't be afraid of the noise and will actually enjoy grooming time! It's great for both dogs and cats Pet Vac Grooming even prevents hairballs when used regularly. With PetVac Grooming, you can also clean up pet accidents during house training with the optional wet extraction tool. Simply suction the mess out of your carpet and rinse with hot water Pet Vac Grooming is safe for wet and dry applications. You can also get the optional drain tool to pull stubborn clogs out of sinks and bathtubs. The additional suction-powered Pet Vac Grooming lint brush removes hair from furniture and clothes. You'll also get the PetVac professional shampoo and conditioner plus the Pet Vac Grooming Pet Health Book packed with grooming tips to keep your pets great-looking in a pinch. Stop dealing with all that extra hair, stop breaking your back cleaning it up and for Pete's sake, stop scaring your pets. Use the links below to find the best offer on Pet Vac™ Grooming
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