Pet Zoom - Self-Cleaning Mobile PetZoom Hair Grooming Brush Makes It Easy to Groom Your Dog or Cat

Are you tired of the doom and gloom of grooming your pet? Does your dog or cat put up a fight every time you groom their hair? Do you feel bad because those wire bristles pull and tear at your pet's coat for a painful experience? You need Pet Zoom™, the grooming pet hair brush that's so gentle it won't even pop a balloon. Unlike other grooming brushes, Pet Zoom's stainless steel wire bristles have massaging tips that gently glide through your pets hair and caress their skin for easy pain-free grooming every time. As seen on TV and, Pet Zoom effortlessly grooms all pet hair and fur types - long, short, curly and straight - and brushes the top coat and undercoat at the same time. You save time and your pet will love the soothing massaging PetZoom brush. Even better, the multiple award-winning Pet Zoom features one-touch cleaning - simply groom, hold Pet Zoom over the trash can and push. All the hair is removed and there's no mess on the floor. Even the most finicky pets love Pet Zoom. You'll also get the Pamper-size Pet Zoom, a mobile grooming fur brush that's perfect for small tails, heads, ears, small dogs and cats and for taking on the road, absolutely free. You'll also get the PetZoom adjustable Professional Pet Trimmer - discourage shedding by keeping your pet's trimmed while you groom - yours free. Stop hurting your pets and let them enjoy grooming time with Pet Zoom today. Use the links below to find the best offer on Pet Zoom™.
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