Pet Vac - Canister Attachment Turns Your Vacuum into a Powerful Wet/Dry Cleaning Machine. PetVac As Seen on TV

If you're like millions of others, vacuuming is a real chore when it comes to stairs, high places, and just the bulky strain of dragging a heavy vacuum around the house. Now you can get quick and easy express cleaning with Pet Vac™, the vacuum attachment that uses the power of your traditional vacuum to become a highly efficient wet/dry canister vac. Pet Vac has an extra long attachment hose that you simply connect to your vacuum cleaner's attachment port. You just pick up the lightweight PetVac canister and the super-long hose lets you walk all over the house - up to high places, up and down stairs, everywhere you vacuum. Even better - the dirt and grime collects in the Pet Vac for easy disposal and you can even clean up liquid spills without fear of the mess or electrical shock. And with PetVac, you can do so much more than just vacuum your house - use the drain attachment to unclog drains, or you can empty an aquarium. What's more, you can stick Pet Vac in the other room and use the grooming attachment to groom your dog or cat and clean their hair before it gets to the furniture. Since Pet Vac is quietly in another room, your pets won't be scared so they'll love it. Pet Vac is dishwasher safe, so it's super-easy to clean. It easily stores away inside your closet - and all the hoses and attachments store inside! You'll get the complete PetVac system with super-long hose and attachments. You'll also get the Suction Powered Lint Brush - perfect for easily removing hair and lint from fabrics and furniture - absolutely free. Stop straining, and start working smart. Use the links below to find the best offer on Pet Vac™
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