Power Stain Lifter - This Arm & Hammer Spot Remover For Your Carpet Works Like Magic But Is Just Natural Science

The Power Stain Lifter® has proven itself to be true to its claims. It has undergone tests and the results have shown that this Power Stain Lifter is the permanent remover of the toughest stains and odors on your carpet. If you love your carpet, you will love the Power Stain Lifter. With the Arm and Hammer standard of purity, the secret lies in its OxiClean stain fighters. You could say, 'goodbye stains,' whether they may be caused by chocolate, mud, coffee, ketchup, pet stains, red wine, food grease, motor oil, blood, cola, fruit juice, ink, or a magic marker. What other stains are left? Nada. But you can bet that with the PowerStain Lifter, if any other type of stain exists, it would not stand a chance. What's more, the Power Stain Lifter is so easy to use. You just spray the spot where the stain is, then push the button to activate the motorized brush. Finally, the spot is reduced, and there is a simple residue that can be blotted with a paper towel or cloth. Voila. It's gone like magic, but it is all natural science with good powerful ingredients. With Power Stain Lifter, removal of stains is easy. A package includes one Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean PowerStain Lifter, two sets of cleaning solution pouches, one microfiber super absorbent cloth, and one Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh. Use the links below to find the best offer on Power Stain Lifter®
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