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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that indoor air pollution is one of the Top 5 Environmental Risks today. What's more, the EPA has shown that there's 10 to 100 times more polluted air inside your home than outside your home - with those kinds of numbers, why don't you have a proven air purifier system in your home to protect your family from dangerous pollutants? Finally, there's a proven and affordable ionic air purification system that eradicates indoor air pollutants - the PurePro® Air Purifier! The Pure Pro Air Purifier uses the same ionic air cleaners and air filters systems relied on by the U.S. Navy submarine crews when on six-month-long underwater missions, and quietly and efficiently removes indoor air pollutants like allergens, pollen, dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, mold, chemical fumes, smoke, offensive odors, cooking odors and pet odors. These pollutants are dangerous because they leave you stuffy, restless and tired, inhibit healthy sleep, trigger allergies and asthma attacks and cause colds, the flu and other illnesses. The PurePro Air Purifier uses a revolutionary 5-step air cleaning system to remove all of these from your indoor air. Simply plug Pure Pro in and turn it on and the whisper-quiet fan draws air in through a rewashable and reusable filter that traps large particles like dirt and dander. Next, odors and ozone are eliminated with a patented charcoal filter before the pure oxygen is passed through an ionic boost system that gives your indoor air a fresh, just-after-the-rain smell. Long-time asthma sufferer Lacy J. says the PurePro Air Purifier has alleviated her symptoms too: "When you're asthmatic it's one of the scariest things to go through when you feel your throat and lungs freeze up and you can't air. My asthma attacks are brought on my pollen and pollutants, and the PurePro Air Purifier drastically reduces that from my house and I don't suffer from as many attacks." And Dr. Stephen Trey Fyfe, M.D. FACS, says the PurePro Air Purifier can reduce the medications we have to take: "Antihistamines dry you up and make you drowsy. Anything we can do at home to decrease the amount of medicine we have to take is a good thing, and this is where the PurePro Air Purifier can help. It eliminates dust, pollen, dander, and the amazing thing is it gets rid of viruses." Use the links below to find the best offer on PurePro® Air Purifier.
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