Schticky - Save Money with this Reusable, Washable Sticky Lint Roller. From Vince Offer.

If you want to keep your workplace or home clean then you will need Schticky™. This is the sticky roller that beats tape lint rollers. According to Vince Offer the company's spokesman, it is quite similar to a mop but it has a lint roller on the top. This is a great tool because all you have to do is put it on the table, car curtain, car, floor, kitchen sink or any place. After doing this, you can start operating this magnificent reusable and washable tool by just pushing it by holding its handle. The Schticky is not like any ordinary brush since it will attract dirt towards it. This is what makes it very innovative because it works just like a magnet for dirt and it is flawless in action. After cleaning, you must take care of this unique lint roller. You can do this by putting it under the running tap water and this wonderful product called Schticky will become clean in just seconds. This unique cleaning tool will give you fabulous results. With this unmatched product you do the work of a broom, mop or other cleaning tools. Schticky is multifunctional and this is what makes this lint roller superior to other products. Also available are the Big Schticky and the Little Schticky. Try the Official Schticky™ for Yourself for Only $19.95 with a 10-Year Limited Warranty!
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Try the Official Schticky™ for Yourself for Only $19.95 with a 10-Year Limited Warranty!
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