Sit N Stroll - Portable Combo Stroller and Car Seat Makes It Easy to Carry Your Baby. From TriplePlay.

Do you love traveling with the kids but hate lugging around a heavy stroller that takes up all of your trunk space? Do you forget your stroller at home and have to carry your baby through the store? You need Sit N Stroll™, the revolutionary car seat that turns into a stroller. Named Product of the Year by the L.A. Times, the portable Sit N Stroll was developed by the famous TriplePlay Products company, and it will make your life easier forever. Sit N Stroll is super simple to use, too – it buckles into your car like any normal car seat, but just push the button and the retractable shielded wheels come down and the handle comes up. Sit N Stroll instantly transforms from a car seat to a full function stroller – it even comes with a sun visor and includes an ergonomic pillow so you don't wake baby. With Sit N Stroll, you don't have to worry about safety – the 5-point safety harness and latch and tether system meets or exceeds all safety requirements. The Triple Play Sit N Stroll is even FAA-approved as a flight seat. Just listen to what the experts have to say: “In lieu of lugging around a car seat, check out the Sit N Stroll.” - Consumer Reports; “Now, transporting kids is easy.” - Forbes Life Find of the Day. Sit N Stroll has even earned the prestigious Osaka Design Institute Excellence in Design Award for its amazing, feature-rich capabilities. In fact, Sit N Stroll replaces 5 different kid carriers: both rear and forward-facing car seats, booster seat, stroller, and even a high chair. You know that playing with your kids is the best exerciser, but simply going from the home to the park for a picnic is a chore. Now, you can get out and exercise more because Sit N Stroll replaces 5 different child seats and turns from a car seat to a stroller instantly. Travel with your kids the smart way. Use the links below to find the best offer of Sit N Stroll™
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