Snuggie for Kids - This Smaller Blanket with Sleeves Wrap Fits Children Perfectly. Buy 1, Get 1 FREE.

Everybody loves Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves that gives you a warm and comforting hug anywhere. Now, kids can get their very own Snuggie sized just for them with the Snuggie™ for Kids (Snugglette), the blanket with sleeves for kids. Snuggie for Kids is a pint-sized version of the popular Snuggie with a shorter length, so kids can enjoy the same warm and cozy wrap while they watch TV or play video games, eat a snack, read a book, spend nights on sleepovers, go camping, cheer at family tailgates and much more. And because Snuggie for Kids stays on no matter where they are, your kids will stay safe and warm in the house and on the go. Snugglette is even perfect for keeping kids comfortable when they're ill; and it's machine washable so clean-up for spills and germs is a breeze. Snuggie for Kids is available in royal blue and pretty pink, so it's a color-matched fashion accessory for girls and boys. Best of all, Snugglette comes with matching slipper socks so little toes stay warm all day and all night long. Now the whole family can enjoy the comforting wrap of Snuggie with Snuggie for Kids! Order now and you'll get a free bonus Snugglette and slipper socks that's 2 Snuggies for Kids and 2 pairs of matching slipper socks for one low price. Wear one in the home and put one in the car, or give the other as a gift. Keep your kids warm and comfortable in style get Snugglette today. Use the links below to find the best offer of Snuggie™ for Kids.
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