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Solar Animal Repeller - Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Motion Repellent Keeps Animals Away.

The Solar Animal Repeller™ is unique because it keeps those pesky animals away from your yard because of its ultrasonic frequency. It has a built in motion detector that turns on the moment an animal is in its range .The ultrasonic repeller has a frequency radius of thirty feet. It is so unpleasant to animals because of this it will drive them away. The Bell and Howell Animal Repeller is weatherproof rand solar powered.. The built in motion detector works indoors and outdoors. Included with the Animal Solar Repeller has a garden stake that you can stick onto your yard. It also has a rear mounting bracket complete with screws that you can lace on trees and or fences.. Once thing nice about this product it has an infrared component that works day and night. This Solar Animal Repeller manufactured by Bell and Howard will not harm the animals. It uses a high pitched sound that keeps animals such as raccoons, rabbits, mice deer skunks, dogs, cats and squirrels away from your yard The sound can only be heard by animals and not by humans. The reviews say that it definitely works and that it will keep rodents and other bigger animals away from your yard. Use the links below to find the best offer of the Solar Animal Repeller™.
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