Sonic Scrubber - Cleaning Brush from Anthony Sullivan Will Work to Quickly Clean Your Bathroom. Get the Kitchen SonicScrubber as a Special Bonus

Cleaning the bathroom used to be a backbreaking chore - but not anymore! Introducing Sonic Scrubber™, the revolutionary new hand held bathroom cleaning device endorsed by famous household cleaning expert Anthony Sullivan. Imagine: no more tireless scrubbing, bending, sore knees, backs, elbows, fingers and joints. It's possible with Sonic Scrubber! Sonic Scrubber incorporates amazing sonic oscillation technology for a whopping 3,600 scrubs per minute - it does all the work for you! Simply put some soap on the SonicScrubber oscillating brush, apply to the dirty areas of your bathroom, and voila, it's clean. Does Sonic Scrubber work? You bet! In fact, Sonic Scrubber was specially engineered with brushes that fit all the trouble areas of your bathroom. Try the cone brush with a pointed end angle design that digs deep into grout and corners on toilets, tubs, and shower door tracks. Switch to the softer bristled brush for quick fixture cleaning and faucets that brim with brilliance. No more tub rings, calcium stains, rust stains, hardwater stains - and no more backbreaking labor to remove them. Sonic Scrubber isn't just for bathroom cleaning either - attach the included large brush to clean baked-on cookware, stovetops, microwave spills and splatters, and other kitchen messes. And SonicScrubber is so effective - yet so gentle - that you can loosen even the toughest stains from carpets, clothing, and furniture in a snap without causing any fabric damage. Stop wasting time and stop feeling the burn - keep your home prim and proper with ease with Sonic Scrubber. Use the links below to find the best deal on Sonic Scrubber™
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