Titanic Anniversary Coin - 2012 Gold Proof Coin That You Can Add To Your Coin Collection Set

The Titanic Anniversary Coin of 2012 is a stunning twenty four karat gold commemorative coin. One hundred years ago, the Titanic ship was supposed to sail from Southampton to New York until it came into a collision with a huge ice berg at and sank into the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The coin has several features like a beautiful portrait of the Titanic on its front side and the White Star Line logo and fleet on its back side. By acquiring this 100th anniversary glittering coin, you can show your children what the titanic looked like or let it merely remain as a family heirloom. As seen on www.titanicnow.com and www.titanicproof.com, the Titanic Anniversary Coin has just been recently released and you can buy this lovely looking coin for your own coin collection set at an affordable price. Inscribed on this coin are the years 1912 2012 which are the years that the Titanic tragedy struck and the year that this coin was minted to commemorate the occasion. Owning this 2012 anniversary coin is like keeping a piece of history that you should never forget because, 1,517 people lost their lives during this disaster. This 100th anniversary coin is truly a coin you would like to keep on display because of its beauty. Use the links below to find the best deal on Titanic Anniversary Coin.
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