Total Trimmer - Try this Easy Cordless Gardening Edger/Trimmer for Lawn and Grass Risk-Free for 60 Days

Get the nicest lawn in the neighborhood with Total Trimmer™, the revolutionary new trimmer that makes gardening and yard work a breeze! Perfect for homeowners, seniors, landscaping companies and anyone else who wants to avoid the time consuming, backbreaking labor of lawn maintenance, the Total Trimmer from Global Ideas Direct is a lightweight yet powerful trimmer that harnesses the energy of a powerful 18-volt battery pack to snip, clip and trim your yard into shape. With the Total Trimmer, as seen on TV, you'll never again need hassle with the mess and expense of mixing gasoline and oil; you'll never again have to spend hundreds or even thousands on a professional landscaping crew; you'll never have to spend tedious hours changing sloppy nylon cords; and you'll never have to ice the pain of dragging a heavy gas trimmer around all weekend. Instead, the lightweight TotalTrimmer is cordless so you can go anywhere, and the amazing rotary trimmer blades simply snap on and off for quick and easy replacement. The Total Trimmer's head even swivels to go from trimmer to edge in a snap - this amazing functionality lets you power edge your driveways and sidewalks in no time. Try the Total Trimmer right now and you'll also get the Total Trimmer exclusive diamond-cut hedge trimmer attachment, perfect for conveniently shaping your bushes and shrubs, absolutely free! You'll also get the handy grass sheer attachment for cleaning up scrubby areas around fence posts and under bushes - couple these attachments with the Total Trimmer's telescoping pole and you'll never have to bend or reach to whip your launch into shape again. The TotalTrimmer also comes with a free lifetime supply of quick-change blades - if you ever damage your blades, simply order another set and they're yours free! You've seen the TotalTrimmer at work on the TV commercial/infomercial with Beau Rials and Mimi Umidon. What are you waiting for? Stop the backbreaking labor and enjoy the weekend again. Use the links below to find the best offer on Total Trimmer™.
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