Treasure Chest Pets - Toys To Hide Your Favorite Things In Like CDs, ipods, A Tiny Toy And Funky Jewelry

Treasure Chest Pets™ are here, and they are the answer to every parent's dream. Now you can have an amazing way to help your children learn how to organize their things and have fun while doing it, too. The Treasure Chet Pets are stuffed toys, and there are three versions of them--the dog, the monkey and the bear. But that's not all-a Treasure Chest Pet toy has a squishably lovely attachable pillow head that your children can snuggle up to, and soft bodies with special designs to organize and store their favorite items in, both inside and outside of the toy. The way these Treasure Chest Pets are designed, one would not guess these secret compartments exist. Children will warm up to the soulful face of their Treasure Chest Pet, and they will delight in the secret pocket inside the enormous head. The Treasure Chest Pet has a soft, foam body and secret places for children's favorite CDs and DVDs, speakers and cables, MP3 and more to be hidden. Keeping things neat and organized has never been this fun. The Treasure Chest Pets are plush and soft, and with one's own Treasure Chest Pet, one's favorite things will be kept secret and safe. Nothing works better than a well disguised treasure chest. Even adults would not object to having a Treasure Chest Pet on their bed. You don't have to be two years old to love this pet, you can be 102 and still find it fun. Use the links below to find the best offer on Treasure Chest Pets™.
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