Twisteze - The Wonderful Microfiber Mop That Will Wring and Twist Dry

If you are tired of water always dripping and giving off a bad odor when you mop your floor, then you can acquire the fabulous Twisteze™. This is the incredible microfiber mop that will wring and lock on its own. It's a superior mop because it is made of eighty five percent chenille microfiber which gives out superb absorbency. It's ideal design and lock action makes the water spread in an even way. With this impressive technology, you will be assured that there will be no water dripping. You won't experience puddles that can be so messy. It incredibly simple to operate. All you must do is twist it up to the condensed compact cylinder shape or throw it away anywhere or hang it. Twisteze has a uniquely designed ratchet wringer that pulls the strings and makes it extra tight. It tremendously does twist to a three hundred degree angle. This will squeeze the water out from the mop and will leave your mop completely dry. This is truly a work of ingenuity when compared to other mops. It is made of microfiber that is one hundred percent synthetic. Twisteze offers a strong resistance to bacteria by blocking out the odor that can be responsible for many types of diseases. With this product comes a fantastic scouring tip that is best used for taking out tough dried surface stains. It will work on any surface. The reviews say it works wonderfully. Use the links below to find the best offer on Twisteze™.
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