Water Jet - A Convenient, Cutting Edge Power Washer for Dirt and Grime in Hard to Reach Places

The Water Jet™ is the cutting edge solution to power washing. Now you no longer need to worry about abrasive, bulky, heavy cleaners that are noisy and smelly to boot. When your hose is not enough, the lean and clean Water Jet can be easily attached and morph your hose into a power washer. You get a powerful sprayer that can do amazing things, cleaning hard to reach places or excessive dirt and grime in the bathtub, clean windows, remove wasp nests from a safe distance, and reach under eaves without having to use a motor, gas, or electricity. The Water Jet is more powerful than a hose, and less harsh than a pricey pressure power washer. Here's how it works: Water flows from the hose through the water reduction chambers of the Water Jet. This is where pressure builds up, until a powerful jet stream blasts through. The Water Jet has a precision engineered solid brass tip. Its stainless steel control valve regulates the water pressure and the force of the jet stream. This 30-inch wand is built to last, with heavy gauge aluminum, stainless steel, and solid brass. And while it's a cleaner, it is no cutter. You can adjust the wand to gently wash delicate flower beds or vegetable gardens without harming them. Reviews say it is great for blasting grime and weeds off brick-layed driveways, wood and aluminum siding, umbrellas and awnings, pool filters, dirty truck beds, et. al. Use the links below to find the best deal on Water Jet™.
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