Zoo Books - Magazine Tells Kids and Children All About Wild Animals. Photos and Stories about Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Whales and More!

Want your kids to get excited about reading and learning? Get them Zoo Books™, the monthly magazine for kids that makes learning and reading fun. Each month, your children will get a new ZooBooks loaded with interesting facts, captivating photos and puzzles and games about the world's fascinating animals. The words and illustrations work together to create a fun learning environment because they're scientifically accurate - tigers, whales, elephants, eagles, dolphins - you name it, Zoo Books has it covered. Stimulate your child to ask questions to learn more about the world around them while encouraging them to read the answers themselves. And guess what? Adults love ZooBooks too, so they're great for bringing the family together no matter how old your children are. Listen to what 3rd grade teacher and mother Anne has to say about Zoo Books: "I use Zoo Books in my 3rd grade class and at home, and the kids love them. Zoo Books makes learning exciting and fun." Now take it straight from the children: "I've always loved Zoo Books," says Philip. "Ever since I was little, I've loved looking at the pictures. And now that I've gotten older, I use them to write school reports. It's cool!" Help your child learn reading, vocabulary, science, and other skills while having a great time with ZooBooks. You'll get one Zoo Book delivered a month for 12 months. Try Zoo Books™ Magazine and Get a FREE Tiger Poster, FREE Stickers, and 1 FREE Issue.
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Try Zoo Books™ Magazine and Get a FREE Tiger Poster, FREE Stickers, and 1 FREE Issue

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