Zpr Bag - The Zipper Bag That Brings Out The Designer Within You

The Zpr Bag™ is only for the young and fabulous, who know that when they put their personal mark on something, it's fabulous, too. The Zpr Bag is totally cool, and you get to play designer and reinvent your bag in 9 different ways. You can change its style, size, color, and pattern. You can make your Zpr Bag into a shoulder bag, or let it hang across your chest. Or, you can make it a clutch. You can make your Zpr Bag big or small. And basically, to make your own design, you just need your own unique creativity--and knowledge on how to open and close a zipper. A Zpr Bag kit comes with: 1) Two end sections with magnetic closures and hooks with matching straps; 2) Two narrow zip strips; 3) One wide zip strip; and 4) Two straps. You can choose from five fabulous colors, namely chocolate pink, teal lime, sand chocolate, lime pink, or pink teal. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure. With a Zpr Bag and your personal sense of design, you come away with a completely original bag that is all yours. Because getting creative with the zippers on the Zpr Bag is really all about you. And because one bag makes nine, you can feel free to redesign, anytime. Use the links below to find the best offer on Zpr Bag™.
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