Alligetter - Grabber with Light Lets You Grab Things from Tight, Hard-to-Reach Spaces. As Seen on QVC

Ever drop something down the garbage disposal and loathed the thought of sticking your hand in that icky, sharp, dangerous contraption to retrieve it? Valuable precious jewelry, silverware, small items - when they go down the drain, you're in for a bit of pain... unless you have Alligetter™, the incredible new grabber with a built-in light that lets you quickly see and snag anything that goes down the garbage disposal and pluck it out effortlessly. No disgusting slimy film and no sharp blades to contend with ever again. As seen on QVC, Alligetter was invented precisely for retrieving valuable items that slip down the garbage disposal, and it's great for any time you need to grab something out of a tight space. Whenever something slips down the drain, between the car seats, or is lost by the kids, you can rely on your Alligetter grabber to get it out. Alligetter is constructed of strong ABS plastic and has a spring-loaded trigger that fits any size hands so you can quickly retrieve otherwise lost items from nearly any tight space. The removable LED light with convenient rear-positioned switch makes it easy to see what you're after so you don't have to risk injury or pushing it further down. Best of all, Alligetter comes with a unique garbage disposal collar that you simply push down the drain to keep the rubber flabs out of your way. No other grabber has it. Stop fumbling in the grease and grime and stay injury-free every time you drop something where it shouldn't go - get your Alligetter now. Use the links below to find the best offer of Alligetter™.
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