Amber Ready - An Amber Alert System That Gets Vital Information to the Police For Your Child’s Safety Within Minutes

It has happened to every mother who is busy with many things. Sometimes she is in the market and before she knows it, her child is gone. Thank goodness you find your child in the cereal section, but it is terrifying, no parent can deny that. Statistics show that every day 22 children are missing. It can take hours to have your child's photo and vital information transferred to law enforcement. You don't want this sort of thing happening in an emergency where time is of the essence. Now with Amber Ready™ you can win over the vital time that can spell the difference to recovering your child in case they are missing. How is this done? The answer lies in your hands. Time is of the essence, and with Amber Ready police notification system, you can always be prepared. Amber Ready is a 24 hour emergency system that is easily available right inside your cell phone. Police can receive your child’s information in minutes, including important medical data—everything pertinent that will be vital to your child’s wellbeing. The Amber Ready program does not store or maintain any of your child’s information in any data base so that it will not be leaked out to strangers. All this information is only kept in your cell phone. No one else will have it except you. Use the links below to find the best offer on Amber Ready™.
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